Nikkormat FTn

Nikkormat FTn

Back to film! Yay!

This is the Nikkormat FTn, a variation of the Nikkormat FT series manufactured around the late ’60s until the early ’70s. It is a mechanically controlled, all-metal, manual focus SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera, using 35mm film (or 135 Format).





The camera features a match-needle exposure metering system, which is powered by a Mercury Halide battery (and is no longer manufactured.) Otherwise, the camera does not require a battery to be installed to be used. (Yes! It does NOT require a battery to operate.)

I have the Nikkor SC Auto F1.4 50mm lens attached to it, and it weighs around a kilo with the lens attached to it.

So far it has stood the test of time, at least for 40 years, and it is still functioning properly. I’ll be posting a few photos taken with it.

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